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I'm so glad to have found your blog. It is a great read. Particularly the Mary Worth posts, a fondness for which we share. While the sheep edit is hilarious... the Dawn Weston picture you removed was really just as grotesque.

And what was with his colleague at the hospital this week? His face morphed painfully every day. Maybe it was just some brilliant way for Karen Moy to convey that EVERYONE at the hospital is talking. It's as bad as Charterstone.


I admit I don't follow MW, but, like, he isn't talking about "younger" as in anything illegal,is he? I mean, the sheep are one thing, if that's your gig and all, but dating fifteen-year-olds is another story. He looks kind of creepy with that tan jacket and blue hair, like he's trying to be all cool with the teenagers, you know?


Are you calling Dawn a sheep, or is young Corey a bestiality enthusiast? I'm just asking ewe.

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